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2009 BMW M6
Though reviewers praise the M6 for its refined appointments and everyday performance, most find its custom performance and interior feature settings too difficult to operate.

Reviewers find that the BMW M6 coupe is a sporty and luxurious ride that just might be too technologically advanced for its own good. While test drivers are impressed with its ride and handling dynamics, many criticize the M6 for its complicated performance and convenience feature settings -- which are highly customizable. Still, auto writers agree that the M6 is an exceptional driver's car. "If you aren't scared by the over-$100,000 sticker, and if you're interested in a high-performance car that won't set you back by 50 percent more than that, then the M6 might be the vehicle for you," writes The Auto Channel. "It has a limited audience, but that audience can also consider itself very lucky. Very lucky."

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