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Brooke Burke
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Sexy Lingerie Models

You've seen lingerie models on the cover of popular publications like the Victoria's Secret catalog. Fans nationwide wait all year to tune into the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, where sexy pseudo-perfect glamazons strut their way down the catwalk wearing designer seasonal skimpies. But what does it take to become one of these famous faces?

The Lifestyle of Lingerie Models

Lingerie models are not runway models. Runway models place a large amount of emphasis on slender, sometimes sickly figures, and outstanding height. Traditionally, runway models average a height of five-foot-ten (the minimum height requirement is five-foot-nine). Because designers create their runway fashions in sample sizes of zero, twos, and fours, these models must maintain extraordinarily lean bodies in order to appropriately fit the couture.

But the lingerie industry is not accentuated by sleek and shapeless figures. Instead, seductive curves and feminine appeal are necessary to flaunt lingerie fashions. Many lingerie models barely clear a height of five-foot-six, making this field of modeling more accessible for aspiring women.

Lingerie models can afford curves.

Lingerie models can afford curves.

Victoria's Secret Models

Perhaps the most popular lingerie models are those featured in the Victoria's Secret catalog. But be forewarned, these girls operate within a fiercer, more competitive modeling criteria than smaller lingerie companies. The Victoria's Secret models hold fast to the requirements of many editorial and runway models, making them eligible for both the catwalk and the catalogs.

Victoria's Secret models have heights that range from five-foot-nine to five-foot-eleven. Their measurements typically feature a 34-36 bust, a 23-25 inch waist, and 34-35.5 inch hips. These statistics are often the result of impossibly auspicious genetics and should not be attempted by crash dieting and excessive exercise.

Some of the most famous faces in modeling have appeared in the Victoria's Secret catalogs. The careers of many lingerie models have been forged through Victoria's Secret and these names include:

  • Heidi Klum
  • Tyra Banks
  • Gisele Bündchen
  • Adriana Lima
  • Alessandra Ambrosio
  • Molly Sims
  • Rebecca Romijn
  • Helena Christensen
  • Laetitia Casta
  • Karolina Kurkova

How They Were Spotted

Many teenage girls wake up with the notion that they will become a top lingerie model. But how did so many of these big names come to be?

Latetia Casta was spotted by a photographer while sunning herself on the beach. She was fifteen years old. Molly Sims, a renowned supermodel, started out her career running Old Navy clothing television advertisements before she ended up on the covers of Vogue and the French Cosmopolitan. Karolina Kurkova skyrocketed to fame by appearing on the February 2001 cover of Vogue, while Heidi Klum was discovered in 1992 after winning the title of "Model '92'" in Munich.

However, even Tyra Banks' success involved a struggle. She was reportedly turned down by four modeling agencies before she was signed by the fifth.

Gisele Bündchen's story is hard to come by. This lanky model was discovered while eating at MacDonald's.

The Angels

Some of the aforementioned models currently comprise the Victoria's Secret Angels, a group of gorgeous glamorous women who model the latest VS fashions and are featured in the annual Victoria's Secret fashion show. Additionally, these girls tour the United States, for the "Angels Across America" tour, prior to their participation in the show. Tyra Banks, Gisele Bündchen, Adriana Lima, and Alessandra Ambrosio are presently heading up the team.

Reality of Lingerie Modeling

Not all lingerie models share the same fame and prestige as the Victoria's Secret Angels. In fact, the majority of models employed in this area of fashion endure experiences of far less glamour.

The majority of models find their days limited to mundane catalogs that offer them limited public exposure. Girls interested in this field of modeling can occasionally end up in compromising circumstances.

In order to sustain their shapely figures, most models maintain demanding fitness routines and calorie-restricted diets to eliminate the appearance of cellulite. Some resort to breast enhancement surgeries as well as other cosmetic procedures, proving that being beautiful can require a lot of work and time.

Exotic Lingerie Models

Exotic lingerie models are sexy and seductive. They model lingerie that leaves a lot to the imagination and project an image of fantasy and allure.

About Exotic Lingerie

Exotic lingerie leaves a lot up to the imagination. It covers your body enough to add excitement and reveals only what you want it to reveal. It can set the mood for a night of romance and make you feel self-confident and sexy. This racy lingerie is not only reserved for the bedroom anymore. Though it was once thought that exotic lingerie was meant to be hidden and ashamed of, woman today embrace exotic lingerie. Some even wear it as part of their mainstream wardrobe.

Exotic lingerie is made from sensual, luxurious fabrics ranging from silk, satin, nylon and spandex. Any material that is slinky and smooth and feels good against the skin can be used. Animal prints are popular for exotic lingerie as is anything black or red. Exotic lingerie pieces include:

  • Bustiers
  • Corsets
  • Camisoles
  • Body stockings
  • Fishnet stockings

Who Are Exotic Lingerie Models?

No longer are exotic lingerie models thought of as trashy. When thinking of exotic lingerie, many will associate exotic dancers with exotic models. That is not the case. Some of the runways in Milan and New York are showcasing pieces of exotic lingerie. Famous supermodels are now modeling lingerie pieces that many would call exotic. Don't be surprised to see the following models wearing exotic pieces from today's top designers:

  • Adriana Lima
  • Alessandra Ambrosio
  • Gisele Bündchen

It isn't unusual to see musicians wearing exotic lingerie, either. Who could forget some of the outfits that Madonna has worn that included exotic tops and corsets? There are many unknown models used for exotic lingerie. Depending on the designer and what the model is needed for, many use new faces to show off their styles. Many designers will use fresh faces from a modeling agency for their fashions. It isn't uncommon for them not to want to use a famous face since they want to show off their lingerie and not the model.

Larger lingerie designers such as Frederick's of Hollywood have used famous faces such as Cindy Margolis, Nikki Hilton and Carol Vitale. Carol Vitale now designs a line made especially for Frederick's.

Modeling lingerie is not always glamorous. It can be a difficult career to begin with. Many girls have to meet high demands and take jobs that they may not want to take. Many model only in catalogs and websites. It is hard to get exposure when modeling for lingerie unless you land a big designer account. A plus, though, is that unlike runway models, lingerie models are curvier and shapely. The lingerie industry wants models with a feminine appeal.

Recent Trends

No longer meant to be hidden, exotic lingerie can be seen as an undergarment or even as outerwear. Woman may choose a single piece to add spark to their outfit. Many fashion designers incorporate some exotic pieces into their fashion lines. An exotic silky camisole can be worn under a jacket with a pair of jeans for a night out on the town. Why not wear a pair of fishnets with your skirt or try a leather bustier to add some spice? Whatever you decide, don't be afraid to get creative. Wear what makes you feel sexy and confident.

Where to Buy Exotic Lingerie

Do the exotic models entice you to try out an exotic piece of lingerie either for yourself or someone special? If so, many websites offer sexy, exotic lingerie. Try Spicy Lingerie, and Flirty Lingerie or Flirty Dreams for some sexy, revealing pieces. Don't be surprised to see some exotic bras or panties at the lingerie department of your favorite store.

Pin up Girls

It's no secret that men like to look at beautiful women. From ancient to classical art the female form has been recreated and idolized. Pin-up girls are the 20th century's pop culture version of this. Pin-up refers to sexy pictures of models that were printed on a massive scale. Traditionally these images were photographs but the phrase later includes artwork as well. The term "pin-up" can be traced back to the early 1940s where images in magazines were so enticing people were compelled to pull them out and pin them on the wall. And although the pin-up girl style is distinct, modern pin-up models and artwork have evolved into a larger scheme.

Pin-up girl

What is a pin-up?

Pin-up photographs are artfully erotic images of famous women, particularly from the early 1900s, posing in sexy or alluring manner. A certain style can be attributed to the pin-up girl, usually featuring a soft or sensual look on her face and showing a little more skin than usual. Lingerie also became a common sight in pin-ups, especially garter belts, stockings and corsets.

History of Pin-ups

Depicting erotic scenes or images in art is nothing new to artists. Any visit to a museum will prove that. Although early inspirations for pin-up girls could be cited, the true history begins with the popularization of printed materials, namely magazines and newspapers. Editors would include sexy photographs in their publication to increase sales. As the practice became more common, more publishers picked up the habit and turned the pin-up girl into a household phrase. Soon these images were found on bedroom walls and on the inside of lockers everywhere.

Famous Pin-up Girls

A pin-up girls' images are often more famous than her name, though this isn't always the case. One of the best-known early pin-up girls is undoubtedly Betty Grable. Her famous photograph

depicted her in a bathing suit with an innocent grin directed at the camera. The image was taken in the 1940s and became one of the most popular pin-ups of its time.

Another famous pin-up girl was Ms. Norma Jeane Mortenson, better known as Marilyn Monroe. The talented actress, singer and model appeared in a number of films during her time and became the epitome of the female form with her soft curves and pleasing smile. And who could possibly forget her famous photograph from Seven Year Itch where her dress is blown upward by the air vent.

One of the later pin-up girls to gain fame from an image, Catherine Bach portrayed the Daisy Duke character in the Dukes of Hazzard television show. Unhappy with her wardrobe, Ms. Bach took a pair of jeans and cut most of the legs away, creating the now-famous Daisy Duke-style shorts. The image was emblazoned on a color poster and has sold over 5 million copies since.

Pin-up Girl Galleries

They're beautiful, they're alluring, they're talented. Pin-up girls embody perfection and are meant to be looked at. The following links lead to off-site resources for pin-up girl galleries. Classic pin-up styles usually do not feature nudity, but some pages on the sites below may contain nudity.

  • AtomicPinup - Features absolutely gorgeous classic and modern pin-up photography from Lee Martin.
  • Pin-up Girls - A good collection of vintage pin-up artwork and photographs.
  • Pin-up Girls of America - Magazine covers featuring sexy pin-up girls in skirts and stockings.
  • The Painted Anvil - Classic and modern pin-up and "girly" artwork.
  • ScanDolls - Pin-up work from famous artists.

Women Panty Models Galleries

Panty Styles

Women's panties come in all shapes, styles and sizes. There is definitely something for everyone when it comes to underwear. Depending on your specific body type and what you feel is comfortable, there are several options to choose from. Some popular panty styles are:
  • Briefs rise to the waist or right below the belly button. They have full rear coverage and support. A variation to the brief is the boy short. They are styled like a men's brief and have fitted legs. Due to their comfort and coverage, they have recently gained in popularity.
  • Hip-huggers or hipsters have a lower waistband around the hips. They provide full coverage.
  • Bikinis are worn at the hips. The material at the sides is narrower and smaller. There is also less coverage in the rear.
  • Thongs offer little coverage or support. Their crotch expands to the back with a skinny strip of fabric that is slightly wider at the top.
  • G-strings are similar to a thong except the strip in back extends the entire way to the waist band. There is little coverage in the front or back.

Panties also come in a wide variety of materials. Satin, silk, cotton, microfiber, nylon, Lycra and lace remain the most popular. There are even panties made from leather or PVC.

Find Panty Galleries

Now that you have an idea about what style of panty you are interested in, your next step is looking at the various panty galleries for more specific designs and brands.

Tanga features fine European lingerie from exclusive designers from all around the world. You can search their panty galleries of Italian and French designer lines. Tanga features fine lingerie collections from Andres Sarda of Barcelona, Argentovivo of Italy, Lise Charmel of France, Aubade of Paris, Nina Ricci, Chantelle and many more. There is a wide range of panties that are made from rich fabrics, and many have detailed accents. Browse through styles from classic to contemporary.

La Perla is an online lingerie boutique offering high quality items. At their site you can check out their panty galleries. Whether you're looking for a brief, g-string, thong or bikini, La Perla has a wide range of beautiful panties for you. Their various brands include La Perla, Black Label, Studio, Glamour, Pret a Porter, Malizia and Joelle, all specifically made and designed for La Perla. Take a look at their sexy, basic chic, multicolor or romantic galleries for a panty to add to your lingerie collection.

One of the most well-known lingerie stores is Victoria's Secret. With both retail and online locations, they are widely accessible by women everywhere. They have beautiful catalogs to look at both in print and online. They offer panties in a wide range of styles and prices. Check out their extensive panty gallery categorized by specific panty style:

  • Briefs
  • Hip Huggers
  • Boy Shorts
  • High Waist

Within each gallery are the various collections by Victoria's Secret such as Very Sexy, VS Cotton, Angels, Body by Victoria and the Bridal Collection. You are sure to find something perfect for your own personal lingerie collection here.

Another popular lingerie retailer is Frederick's of Hollywood. They have a collection of panties sorted by style, size and specific category. They have panties that range from classic to racy. There is something for every taste and personality at Frederick's of Hollywood. Look through the following Frederick's panty galleries for your next panty purchase:

  • Boy Shorts
  • Thongs and G-Strings
  • Cottons

Finally, don't forget to check out Love to Know's Panty Gallery. The gallery is filled with different styles of panties perfect for any body shape and size.

Designer Women Lingerie Models

Designer lingerie offers consumers the latest in seasonal trends and the reputation of quality that is unique to each designer. More importantly, when you buy designer you are not only purchasing a product, but also the image that surrounds that product. Where lingerie is concerned, a sexier brand makes for a sexier you. Imagine the look on your lover’s face when he fingers the clasp of your 200 dollar Allure demi bra and sees a label that humbly reads, “La Perla”.
 Girl in Lingerie

“By George!” he’ll whisper to himself. “This dame is classy.” Immediately the man will rethink his plans for your one-month anniversary. The memories of you spending fitful poker-nights in his smoky best friend’s apartment will vanish in favor of high-dining at Spago and evenings spent in symphony box seats.

And this is just a taste of what designer lingerie can do for you…

What’s In a Name?

So when it comes to apparel, what’s in a name? The answer is everything. That’s right, where designer labels are concerned, the name you place on your body serves as a testament of your status to the outside world. Therefore, if you are a status conscious individual it would make sense for you to purchase and flaunt the product of high-level designers. The idea is to convince passersby that you are not the daughter of a mere library clerk, but indeed the offspring of a legendary merchant family.

Sporting labels like “La Perla” and “Chantelle” sends messages to those who have the privilege of viewing your undergarments. Next time you’re frequenting singles’ night at the local bar, strap on some elitist lingerie and introduce yourself to a winking stranger by saying, “I’m Julie Smith, of the Milan Smiths. We’re in textiles.” Never mind the fact that you picked up that demi-cup number at a steep discount on Bluefly. Because you’re wearing La Perla now, and that makes you a winner.

Important Considerations

Once again, when you’re cavorting around in designer lingerie, you are adopting the image of that designer. So it’s important to note that individual designers possess differing reputations. Wearing a corset from Fredericks of Hollywood presents an altogether contrary image to one evoked by wearing the sleek styles of Vera Wang.

There is a broad difference between lingerie that tells your boyfriend, “take me home to meet your mother” and the sort of undergarments that say, “just take me home”. Thankfully, the images supported by each brand name designer make these distinctions simple for the common consumer.

Meet the Mom Lingerie

There are many designers that provide wearers with an upscale aura. To provide an “I’m not just a one night stand” image, try:

  • La Perla
  • Chatelle
  • Donna Karen Intimates
  • Cosabella

I’m Reliable and Replaceable

For the dispensable look of the girl-next-door, try designers such as:

  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Hanky Panky
  • Charlotte Ronson

I’m Easier Than Third-Grade Arithmetic

Get in touch with your inner vixen. If you want lingerie that makes you feel faster than a red corvette, the following designers have been approved for all racy-related activities:

  • Agent Provocateur
  • Frederick’s of Hollywood

The Twist to Victoria’s Secret

It is no doubt that Victoria’s Secret remains a front-runner in the world of designer lingerie. However, over the years, the company has grown in its public accessibility. In fact, nearly everyone shops at Victoria’s Secret, making this once mysteriously spicy lingerie entity a common household name.

Name-conscious consumers are now seeking out smaller upscale entities like the flirty Italian designs of Cosabella. Britney Spears is rumored to be a fan of the colorful mesh-inspired styles that can be purchased at both Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus stores. The Soire collection thongs are often hailed as a wardrobe necessity for several celebrities. More importantly, the color selection is almost intimidating in its breath.

If sexy and tantalizing are words to describe your lingerie needs, then SPANK (which stands for Sexy Panties and Naughty Knickers) should be a name in your closet. SPANK’s kittenishly saucy styles feature everything from frills and lace to girlish ruffles set upon pink mesh material. And each of these crafty designs is topped off by the sparkly SPANK logo.

Lace Panties Models

Lace panties are undeniably feminine and sexy, from full lace styles to lace trim that provides a touch of romance.

Lace panties

History of Lace

Lace was first made in the late 15th and early 16th centuries, although the process is really an ancient craft. Lace was originally made by hand by looping, braiding or twisting threads to create an open-holed fabric. Silk and linen threads were originally used, as well as gold and silver threads. Over time, the process moved to machinery and the threads were made of cotton. Today, many lace panties are made of nylon or polyester, but still maintain the beauty of traditional lace.

Types of Lace Panties

Lace panties come in a variety of styles, from bikinis to thongs. Since lace is somewhat see-through, women desiring a return to femininity will find that lace provides an exquisite look and feel. Lace conveys a delicate beauty, and many women prefer lace panties over silk or satin.

Shopping for Panties

Purchasing lace panties is really no different than shopping for other undergarments. If you shop in a retail lingerie store, inspect the lace carefully to ensure that it is durable. Many cheaper products do not wash or wear well, and over time the lace may rip. Be sure to check the washing instructions since most lace lingerie requires washing by hand.

If you decide to purchase lace panties online, there are a number of sites that carry them, in a variety of styles, and at different price points. Read descriptions carefully to see what the material is and again, review the care instructions. The following is just a sampling of lace panties you can purchase online:

  • Victoria’s Secret invisible lace hiphugger, $14.
  • Victoria’s Secret stretch lace thong, $14.
  • Victoria’s Secret stretch lace boyshort, $14.
  • Victoria’s Secret lace and satin hiphugger, $16.
  • Victoria’s Secret stretch lace thong, $14-$16.
  • Victoria’s Secret lace cheeky panty, $14.
  • Pierre Silber stretch lace tanga panty, $10.
  • Pierre Silber lace boyshorts, $7.
  • Pierre Silber lace bikini panty, $10.
  • Frederick’s of Hollywood lace panty, $13-$20.
  • Frederick’s of Hollywood lace thong, $8.
  • Ultimo hi-leg lace brief, $18.
  • La Mystere Lara low rider thong, $28.
  • Fantasie of England serenity thong, $23.
  • Fantasie of England lace brief, $38.

Caring for Lace Lingerie

Lace requires gentle care.

Lace requires gentle care.

Lace is a delicate fabric, but with gentle care, you can really prolong the life of this beautiful fabric. Of course, lace undergarments cannot just be thrown in with the regular wash because the agitation can be very damaging. Lace lingerie typically requires more gentle treatment to keep them in good condition. The following are a few tips for caring for your lace lingerie:

  • Do not use harsh detergents since they can damage delicate lace.
  • Do not dry clean lace garments.
  • Do not use bleach.
  • Do not place lace garments in a dryer because the heat may damage the fabric.
  • Do not iron. The lace is too delicate for the heat of an iron.

To launder your lace panties:

  • Fill a sink with lukewarm water and add a small amount of gentle detergent.
  • Gently agitate the water and soak for several minutes.
  • Rinse the lace garment and squeeze the water out, being careful not to wring the garment. Pat the garment with a towel or roll it into a towel to absorb the water.
  • Lay flat or hang to dry.

Overall, use gentle care with this delicate fabric. Your lace garments will last longer and look nicer by just taking a little extra time when cleaning. If the washing instructions on your lace panties recommend a gentle cycle, you can certainly do that, but you may want to wash them by hand to extend the life of the garments.

Bikini Panties Models

Bikini panties are likely the most popular choice in underwear for women all over the world. They offer comfort, style, optimum coverage, and a chance to flaunt your personal style. Whether you like plain, floral, bright colors or earth tones, you can pretty much get away with any print or style you choose with bikinis.

Black Bikini Panties

Black Bikini Panties

New Styles in Bikini Panties

Over the past several years many new styles have become a part of the bikini family. The most popular right now is the extreme low-rise bikini. This is likely due to the fact that extreme low-rise pants are all the rage for more than five years now. Many women who find it hard to wear these types of pants and jeans will often turn away from thongs or other types of panties. Especially, when they find that they can enjoy better comfort and can avoid being self-conscious with a proper fitting pair of bikinis.

Common Panty Problems

Many women turn to thongs or other cuts of panties because they find that bikini panties have a tendency to bunch up and cause discomfort. Many times, sexy bikinis present this kind of problem, when made of thinner, smoother fabrics. As such, they move around too easily against the skin. Satin panties and bikinis made of sateen, silk or rayon, cause bunching issues much more frequently than cotton or cotton-blends. Boy shorts are a great cut that minimize bunching and unsightly lines.

The Bikini for You

Bikinis panties that fit.

Bikinis panties that fit.

Different cuts of bikinis work better with different body styles. If you have a lean, thin frame, then a full bikini with a full waist will work best to keep you covered and comfortable. For a more voluptuous shape, a string bikini may work better for you to keep from having the visible panty line that could result in wearing a full bikini.

With any body type, remember that wearing a bikini that is too small will cause indentations in the skin, making pants, skirts and dresses fit awkwardly around the problem areas. Conversely, a bikini that is too large can potentially lump up wherever there is an overabundance of fabric. This will cause clothing over the panties to bulge and will also cause discomfort as well.

Choosing Bikini Panties

Try to choose bikinis that will be easy against your skin and that will work best for the type of clothing you wear most often. If you live in suits and other confining clothing, constrictive, tight or satin panties are probably not the best choice.

Try to mix it up with a variety of fabrics and blends as well as a few different styles that all accommodate the tight garments you wear. If you wear clothing that is typically looser, you have the option to make more liberal choices. In either situation, always be sure you choose materials that will not irritate your skin from rubbing against the fabrics of other clothing or pantyhose you are wearing over them.

The Best Brands

Nearly all lingerie designers provide bikini panties in a wide variety of materials and styles. Some of the most trusted brands are:

  • Hanes: Long-lasting and durable
  • Fruit of the Loom: Excellent cuts to choose from
  • Merona: Wide variety of prints and colors in ultra-soft combed cotton
  • Victoria’s Secret: Many sizes and styles in a wide array of fabrics
  • No Boundaries: Private label panties that are affordable, trendy and offer superior comfort

Sizing Your Bikini Panties

When choosing the correct size for you, avoid using another brand's size for selection, or the size you “always” buy. Most panty designers provide a sizing chart, particular to their product, on the back of the package or on the price tag. If there is no sizing chart, always check with a salesperson or simply find the company’s sizing chart on the Internet first, before purchasing.

Which Bikini Model is Right for You?

Yellow bikiniSummer is a time for fun, sun and the pool or the beach. If you're in the market for a bikini, you may not realize how many different types are actually available to you! When buying a new summer suit, here is a run down of the most commonly available bikinis on the market, as well as tips for finding the best fit for your body type. Bikinis aren't just for supermodels, either, and if you're busty, no worries-you can still find bikinis that offer great support .

The string bikini is probably the smallest bikini available, and offers the least coverage. This type of bikini is very Blue Bikinitiny, and should really only be worn by those who can pull it off. The bottom is basically a small triangle that covers the front area, and then a small string connects it to the back, hence why it's called a string bikini . String bikinis may even tie on the sides, or the string may be attached. This also applies to the top, where the piece is also tied together around the neck and back by strings. Often, the top features two simple triangles , one over each breast, joined by a drawstring under the bust that you can adjust as you like. This bikini is great for petite body types. If you've got rock-hard abs, zero body fat and confidence to boot, this is the option for you.

Not quite sure you've got what it takes for a string bikini? Consider a two-piece bikini with slightly more coverage or power mesh designed to hold in those problem spots. Some bikini options are simply two-piece suits that offer more coverage than string bikinis do.

Thong bikinis are like string bikinis, but without the rear coverage. Thong bikinis (also known as G-string bikinis ) Brazilian Bikiniwork well for those who work out-if you can jump up to hit a volleyball without jiggling your behind, a thong bikini might work well for you. They're also great for sunbathing (don't forget your sunscreen, though!) Thong bikinis come in a variety of sexy styles, including string thong bikini styles. Going to Rio? Bring your Brazilian thong bikini. You can even get thongs in a one-piece style.

The tankini is a newer version of the bikini and makes a great alternative to women who may have a fuller bust. This type of bathing suit has a tank top like upper, but it is still made of bathing suit material. The bottom can be either a traditional bikini bottom or may look more like a pair of shorts. Essentially this is still a bikini, but it offers much more coverage of the bust and midriff. The best thing about a tankini is that the wearer can still mix and match pieces to give them more versatility with their swimwear. This particular type of bikini looks good on just about any body type.

The sports bikini is perfect for the gal who loves to play sports. Like a bra, it's especially designed to be extra supportive so you can move, jump, and run around in it without any problems. It's the swimwear of choice for most professional thong bikiniathletes like volleyball players and bikers who need to be able to air their skin out, while still covering up and looking professional.

While the term bikini is usually reserved for women, the men's bikini is becoming more and more popular as well. This swimsuit is much smaller than the traditional "swimming trunks" or the brief/boxer style of bottoms. The design of the men's bikini has taken off in Europe, and is becoming a more common choice among men in the United States and other countries. Swimmers prefer the aerodynamic nature of bikini styles, in contrast to shorts.

While you wouldn't wear them to the beach, bikini-like lingerie is a comfortable and sexy option for many women. You can even get rhinestone thong -style lingerie for a unique look. Bikini-style panties are available in cotton, mesh , and other comfortable fabrics. Mesh bikinis with One-Piece Thongcharming patterns (like red hearts or polka dots ) are a fun option. Some attractive mesh bikini options include: On Gossamer's appealing mesh hip bikinis , Rufskin's sheer mesh bikinis , or fun mesh halter bikini styles.

These are just a few examples of the wide variety of styles that bikinis come in. You can choose colorful patterns, bold solid colors, or just sleek black. The possibilities are endless, since there are two pieces, you can often mix and match your swim suit to create your own custom look! All women should try a few different bikinis on for size to get an idea of what kind of coverage they will need when lounging on the beach, swimming in the pool, or playing beach volleyball. Your bathing suit should be a personal statement about your fashion, but it should also be comfortable and provide adequate coverage. Flag Bikini

Bikinis have played an important role in the icons of movies, television and fashion. It's the perfect suit to wear on that Caribbean cruise, European vacation, trip to the beach, or a dip in the pool. Paired with a pair of chic sunglasses, it keeps you cool looking fashionable and gorgeous, while showing off your body at the same time. Not everyone can wear a bikini, and not everyone feels comfortable in them, but with new additions like the tankini, this cute swim suit style is now more accessible to anybody who wants to make a summertime statement.

Great benefits of Online Banking

The benefits of online banking allow anyone to have access to their accounts on a daily basis with the ability to transfer money between accounts. Another great benefit is the ability to download your monthly statement right to your computer. The other great benefit of online banking is the option to pay bills. Whether you need the service for paying bills or downloading the monthly statement, online banking fit the needs of the customers. Rely on fast and friendly service providers to provide an excellent way to achieve banking needs in your busy life right from your computer. You receive 24-hour service with online banking, which is another benefit of online banking.

Fast and Immediate
The benefit of transferring money from one account to another account immediately provides one with the benefit of never having an overdraft or returned check. This is also a good way to save money in a savings account and earn a little interest until you need the money to pay something else. The service is fast and accurate because you have control over what you are doing and when. Many benefits of online banking save you money in the long run, your not paying for gas or transportation fees and it is all done under you watchful eye.

Beat that Bill
If you need to pay a bill, your bank may have a bill payment option or you may choose to use an online bill pay service. These services avoid late payments by sending the payment through the mail. If you are a little short on cash, you can wait until the last minute to pay the bill safely. Scheduling a bill payment is offered online and then the money is withdrawn from your checking. Many places have automated phone services to pay a bill, but these sometimes come with a small fee of some kind. Therefore, the benefit of online banking suits the customer better for bill paying.

How Online Banking Works?

Find out how online banking works by looking around and reading article and informational articles about online banking. The bank supplies information brochures about the services and the convenience allowed to you, the customer with online banking. Choosing this type of banking has become a popular way for people to keep track of their finances instead of waiting until the end of the month and finding a surprise on the statement. Reconciling the bank records is easy with online banking. How online banking works for businesses is the same for personal users. You check your bank anytime of the day and see exactly what your available cash on hand is when planning a purchase.

Paying Bills

How online banking works with paying bills decides on the service you choose. Banks offer bill pay through the bank itself and there are online bill pay services available that have a reputable business as well. Pay bills online using your checking account, prevent late charges, and missed payments. This practical way of paying bills leaves more time for doing other things you may need to take care of instead of writing out so many checks.

Transferring Money

How online banking works for transferring money to one account to another is done by selecting the account and submitting the transaction for transfer. Another example would be if you have an account like Paypal you can transfer funds to your bank or request money from your bank. Paypal also allows you to send money to other people and pay bills as well. With all the options you have for transferring money, you will have plenty of time to plan other important things to do with the time.

Downloading Statements

How online banking works for downloading bank transactions is quite easy. This online aggregation process allows you to download to MS money or an online web based program. This allows you to have a copy of your bank statement right on your computer for tax time and allows you to select a category for every expense you acquire. How online banking works for this type of need is impressive to say the least.

HSBC Direct Online Savings Account

HSBC is an online account serving the needs of customers with online only services. The accounts offers higher inter rates to the account holder due the lack of paperwork and no yearly fees, so they provide a higher interest rate than your personal savings account somewhere else. HSBC is an online bank that offers three ways to start an account, online, by mail or by making a deposit at a HSBC automated transaction machine or otherwise known as the ATM. You can open an account very easy with the online form and enter all pertinent information needed. Find out the facts of how easy it is to open an HSBC account.

Opening an Online Account with HSBC
Opening an account can be single or a joint account. You will need a social security number and a driver’s license number if you have one or they will require another form of identification. They also ask for other loan or mortgages you have. This may turn some people off to the HSBC online account right away. They explain this as a way to verify your identity. You supply your bank routing number and account number to receive instant account funding. Once you complete the following steps, they notify you when you have approval or denial.

What Does HSBC Offer and Expect
The bank tells true of being highly secure with all the newest technology offered to protect your personal information and secure your accounts online. When you choose a transfer from bank to another bank, they may require more security information to protect your account. To open an online account with HSBC you need to deposit a minimum of $1. Your maximum amount of savings allowed is $2 million. HSBC provides a security measure to protect accounts from fraud by depositing two small deposits in to your personal bank account that need to be verified in order to make sure you are the bank account holder. After you finish all the steps needed to continue with an account, online HSBC you are ready to view and work with your money online at HSBC.


Citibank offers many online services that provide fast and foremost safety. Bill payment services allow you to schedule payments and provides for permanent history of your accounts for future downloading to your personal computer. You can opt to receive email alerts and wireless alerts about your account. Choose to have a paperless bank statement since you can have and view it online. Savings accounts need no minimum balance depending on the type you choose. Citibank takes pride in their ability to provide safe and secure online banking for all of their customers.

Services Offers at Citibank Online
Checking accounts such as EZ checking offers no monthly fees with automated deposit or you pay two bills a month or average a balance of a certain amount. The basic checking account has a low fee and no balance requirements. There are four other checking services with different balance requirements. They offer e-savings and regular savings accounts, IRA and CD accounts and the best part is the overdraft protection. These services prove to benefit the customer and allow you many choices in the different types of accounts available with each service. The investment services allow you to plan your investments for short term or long term. The interest rates offered are comparable to other financial institutions.

Get the Application Process Done at Citibank Online
To apply for an online account with Citibank, you must be 18 years or older and a United States citizen or an alien resident. Have your social security number, driver’s license and an address. You will enter all your personal information required and then choose the type of accounts you desire. Read the term and conditions before sign any agreement, which is electronically accomplished. This is very important step when taking on an online account of any type. Make sure you sign up for the right checking or savings accounts with the right monthly balance requirement. Watch for the word combined balance and fine out exactly what this term means before selecting an account type. After the application process, you should receive confirmation of approvable or denial of your account setup.

Washington Mutual for Your Service Needs

Washington Mutual offers free online banking with many; available services needed to fit with your financials without worry of theft or fraud. The web site declares their highest technology use to provide a safe and secure online banking experience. Online banking with Washington Mutual offers accounts details daily, transferring of funds accounts approved by the customer and the bank, downloading abilities to save your information on your computer or disk. Paying bills online and scheduling payments for future payments, they provide up to eighteen months of online payment history. Order checks, stop payments and change information on your accounts or if you need to talk to a representative, it is secure and safe. Sign up and see the account as soon as you receive approval from the automated response system.

Types of Account Offered

Apply for a loan or credit card from Washington Mutual, home loans and home equity loans available. Retirement, investment accounts, savings, and checking accounts along with Certificated of Deposit offered to the online customer. These types of accounts provide all your banking needs under one roof. Washington Mutual offers investment and Insurance services as well. Terms and disclosures discuss the specific terms for every type of account you may see a need for with Washington Mutual. If you have a need for other assistance, the customer service they offer is secure through email or on the phone. More reasons they profess the best choice for your banking needs.

Paying Bills Online

With an online checking and savings account with Washington Mutual, you pay bills anywhere and to anyone. You can schedule payments for a reoccurring payment plan, pay many bills at one time from one location and the service is free to any account holder. With the bill payment service, you need to schedule the bills for four days in advance of the due date, more if you wish. You have the ability to cancel scheduled bill payments before the deadline. This service provides you protection from overdrafts and banking relations. The options for bill payment and other services make Washington Mutual outstanding in the banking industry.

Everbank Forever Service

Everbank offers online savings and checking accounts for the customer who wishes to have an online account. They offer many different services that provide you with one stop banking online. You have twenty-four hour access to your account from anywhere you may be at the time of viewing. The sign process is easy and fast with some initial investment and verification on your part. After determining the services that fit your needs and the available services you may be interested in, the application process is almost as easy. The process and the services add up to a great place to do online banking and savings account provide great interest rates, not offered at a local bank.

Services Offered at Everbank
Everbank offers checking online, check writing, which are free and bill payment on the web. Everbank offers you the service of viewing all your loans, credit cards, IRA’s and 401K plans, plus other investments online via their web site. This option allows you to view your finances and expenditures in one safe and secure place. With the state of art technology Everbank uses, your online experience protects against fraud and theft. Your personal information is always secure and only for your viewing. Interest compounded daily on your balance then added to your account once a month. Your money is insured and the safety offered from a secure web site finds peace of mind for the customer.

Outstanding Offers from Online Banking at Everbank
At this particular institution, you receive the convenience of viewing transactions by categories; sorted by income and expense. View your account payables, cash flow and a tax report. View a reconciliation report and use MS Money or Quicken to download all the information for future saving. The application process walks you through the sign up and helps you understand the terms and conditions. Once you make your initial deposit, you then receive confirmation that your account is established. Now the process allows you add other accounts to the screen in order to see all your accounts in one place. With the available debit card and checks, banking online has never been easier.

Mercedes C111 Classic Sports Car

Mercedes C111 record breaker
Mercedes C111
(1969) record breaker

The C111 was a rare example of Mercedes letting its hair down and testing out some wild ideas. The original 1969 model used a mid-mounted three rotor Wankel rotary engine in an incredibly streamlined fibreglass body that produced a drag co-efficient of just 0.191. Of course being a Mercedes it featured a leather trimmed, air-conditioned cabin and gullwing doors made a welcome return. The following year it reappeared with a four-rotor, 350bhp Wankel engine and was reportedly capable of 180mph. Mercedes decided against rotary technology and the third iteration of the C111 used a 230bhp straight-five turbodiesel. With it Mercedes beat numerous diesel records, achieving 200mph at the Nardo high-speed bowl in Italy in 1978. Mercedes revived the name in 1991 for a road going supercar, the C112 but after taking 700 orders decided to kill the project.

Mercedes 300SLR Classic Sports Car

Mercedes 300SLR (1955)
Stirling Moss and 'Jenks' in the 300SLR on the Mille Miglia
Stirling Moss and 'Jenks' in the 300SLR on the Mille Miglia

Despite the name this bore no relation to either Gullwing or the earlier racecar. It was essentially the 1954 Mercedes W196 Grand Prix car, its straight-eight engine enlarged from 2.5 to three litres and covered with a two-seater roadster body. It was in this form that a 300SLR won what is perhaps still the most famous race victory of all time. With a young British racing driver named Stirling Moss at the wheel, directed by co-driver Denis ‘Jenks’ Jenkinson, the 300SLR destroyed the opposition in the 1955 Mille Miglia, a non-stop 1000 mile race on public roads in Italy. Moss won the event at a scarcely credible average speed of 97.96mph. The 300SLR was withdrawn from competition when one crashed into spectators at Le Mans in 1955, killing 82 spectators. The shock of this horror stunned Mercedes, and it withdrew from racing, not to return until 1987.

Mercedes 300SL Gullwing Classic Car

300SL 'Gullwing' (1954)
Mercedes 300SL Gullwing
Loosely based on the successful 1952 competition car of the same name, the 300SL was available as a convertible or a coupe with those now legendary 'gullwing' doors. These were necessary because of the car’s tubular chassis which ran through where the lower half of the door would be on a standard car, making it exceptionally stiff for its day but making entry and exit a feat in gymnastics. It was also the first production car fitted with fuel injection. The mechanical system from Bosch more than doubled the power of the three-litre straight six from 115bhp to 240bhp, making it more powerful than the original racer. Around 1400 were made, with the similar looking 190SL roadster outselling it by nearly eight to one until both were replaced in 1963 by the 230SL.

Mercedes SSK Classic Car

Mercedes SSK in the Ralph Lauren Collection
Mercedes SSK in the Ralph Lauren Collection

Regarded by many as the finest pre-war sportscar ever built, the SSK was actually designed by Ferdinand Porsche and was the ultimate evolution of the 'S' model line launched two years earlier. The S was itself a lower chassis version of the ‘K’ series cars and used a supercharged 6.8-litre engine. In order to go Grand Prix racing Mercedes needed a smaller, lighter car so they chopped 19 inches out of the chassis to create the “Super Sport Kurz”, the last word being the German for short. Much lighter than its 2.5 ton predecessors the SSK was used to devastating effect by greats such as Rudolf Caracciola, winning numerous competition events including the 1930 Grand Prix, thanks to a 7.1-litre supercharged engine producing 225bhp. The final model actually produced 300bhp and had holes drilled in its chassis to lighten the car in an attempt to keep it competitive.

BMW 3-Series Compact Luxury Car

BMW 3-Series Compact (1995-1999)
3-Series Compact (1995-1999)
It’s easy to get a mid-‘90s BMW hatchback for under £2,000. It looks like the E36 saloon (even though suspension tech is more E30) and has a tidy, if underpowered, engine line-up. Aspects of the interior may, surprisingly, be low-rent and dated, but come on! This, or a Ford Escort. Which would you seriously prefer? The Compact is also a very significant model as it signalled BMW’s intention to become more ‘mainstream’, years before the 1-Series. It wasn’t an unbridled sales success but it nevertheless proved to those within BMW that they could do ‘budget’ cars without losing prestige. 1-Series and, arguably, MINI are the result.